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Frances McCormack Biography

Frances McCormack

Born in Boston, Massachusetts. USA

Frances McCormack is represented by:
R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, California.


1986 University of California, Berkeley, MFA
1978 University of Massachusetts, Boston BA in English, Summa Cum Laude
Teaching Credential, Secondary English

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2019 "Apparent / Transparent", R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA
2016 “Contemplative Elements: Danae Mattes and Frances McCormack”, Sonoma Valle Museum of
  Art, Sonoma, CA. December
2014 EVER RELUCTANT, R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA. April-May
2007 From the Ground Up, Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto CA July- August
2004 Adjacent Things Diminish, R. B. Stevenson, La Jolla, CA, November
Tales from the Land of Yes, Museum of Contemporary Art at the Luther Burbank Center,
Santa Rosa, CA
Trintas, Museum of Contemporary Art at the Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa, CA July
2001 R. B. Stevenson, San Diego, CA, March
2000 Aurobora Press, San Francisco, CA, March
1999 Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, CA, November
1998 Jack Meier Gallery, Houston, TX, November
R. B. Stevenson, La Jolla, CA, June
1997 Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, CA, October
1996 R. B. Stevenson, La Jolla, CA, September
1995 Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, CA, November
1994 R. B. Stevenson, La Jolla, CA, June
1993 Shaklee Building, San Francisco, CA, Curated by Suzy Locke, August-September
1989 Bank of America, Curated by Bonnie Earl Solari, Plaza Gallery, San Francisco, CA, April - May

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2016 “California Group” a group exhibition, R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA. Dec
2015 “Terra Cognita” Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley, CA. July
  “Above Ground” a group show, R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA. May
  “Five Beyond the Bridge” Sebastopol Center for the Arts. CA March
2013 ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES, R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA
2012 MIXED MEDIA , a group show. R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA.
  3 PAINTERS , Tim Craighead, Frances McCormack and Mark Perlman, R.B. Stevenson Gallery,
  La Jolla, CA. June
2011 GALLERY SELECTION 2011, R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA. January
2008 Womens Work, Four Painters, R. B. Stevenson Gallery La Jolla CA. January.
2007 Steamroller, S. F. Center for the Book. San Francisco, CA Oct.
2005 Bloom, Jay/Addington Gallery, Chicago IL, July-Sept
2004 Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Wet Paint, August
Contemporary Perspectives, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Rosa, CA April 2003
Underfoot, Brasilia BiNational Center, Brasilia, Brazil. Travels to Instuto Cultural Brasileno
2002 Selections, R. B. Stevenson Gallery, San Diego, CA. August
2001 Underfoot, Associacao Alumni, Sao Paulo, Brazil, November
A Necessary Beauty, R. B. Stevenson Gallery, San Diego, CA, October
2000 Art Alive 2000, San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, CA, May
Five Painters, R. B. Stevenson Gallery, San Diego, CA, April
Art From the Heart, Sonoma State University, Sonoma, CA February
1999 San Francisco International Art Exhibit, San Francisco, CA
Djerassi Residents Pages Exhibit, Palo Alto Cultural Center, CA, August
1998 Illuminated Under White Light, R. B. Stevenson, La Jolla, CA
1997 The Artists Craft, Reese Bullen Gallery, Humbolt State University, Arcata CA, February
1996 Sonoma State University Faculty Exhibit, Rohnert Park, CA, September
Summer Group Show, R. B. Stevenson, La Jolla, CA, July
1995 Asian Art Museum, Zen Center Auction, San Francisco, CA, October
Complex Interaction: 3 Painters, R. B. Stevenson, La Jolla, CA, June
Crocker Art Museum, Annual Invitation Curated by: Jan Dreisbach, Sacramento, CA, June
1994 Four Bay Area Painters, R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CA, March
1993 Bolinas Museum Auction, Stinson Beach, CA, November
1992 In Progress, San Francisco Art Institute, CA, December
1991 Bolinas Museum Miniature Show, Bolinas, CA, December
1990 New Langton Arts Seventh Annual Christmas Auction, February

Selected Publications:

Painted Landscapes: Contemporary Views, Lauren P Della Monica, 2013
Baker, Kenneth, “Flexibility” San Francisco Chronicle, November 2009
Pincus, Robert, Bonded by Nature, San Diego Union Tribute, February 7, 2008
Mayfield, Signe, “From the Ground Up: Painting, Process and the Garden” 2007
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Cebulski, Frank, Frances McCormack at PAAC, Artweek, October 2007
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Art Collection at New Imagery Estate Winery, Collage Fall/ Winter 2000
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Pincus, Robert, Passionate Poses, San Diego Union Tribune, July 23, 1998
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Baldridge, Charlene, Bay Area Painter Delves Deep Into Psyche, The Village News San Diego, 1996
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